Shanxi C&Y Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "C&Y Group") 

is a listed company functioning in pharmaceutical production, research and development, and medicine sales. Its predecessor Shanxi C&Y Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded on March 23, 2005, and in June 2010, it was renamed to Shanxi C&Y Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. and was successfully listed on the GEM under Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August 19, 2011. on August 19, 2011. In September 2014, C&Y was renamed to Shanxi C&Y Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and its security name is referred to C&Y Pharm for short (Stock Code:300254). Developing from a small pharmaceutical enterprise with only over 100 employees and 2 main products, C&Y Group now has more than 1700 employees, with a nationwide marketing network in 31 provinces and cities, and business extending to the United States, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and the field of precision medicine. 

In recent years, C&Y Group optimized the product mix and realized the leapfrog development through extensive mergers and acquisitions and investment.

Presently, C&Y Group owns a lot of subsidiaries including Zhejiang HLS PharmHangzhou Pollen PharmHangzhou En’s Gene,Sichuan C&Y TCMWuhan C&Y ECWuxi Uni-King LabSuzhou DMD and C&Y Xizang; its headquarters for marketing and the R&D Center are located in Shanghai. 

The C&Ys, adhering to the Challenge & Young spirit of enterprise, led by the C&Y dream of "Building the Company into one of the Top 100 enterprises with ten-billion market value and centuries-old tradition", will vigorously make their way ahead to constantly promote the development and progress of China and even the world's medical health industry, making achievements align to the advancement and progress of the world and people's health care simpler and more convenient!

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